Unfiltered – The Shift of Social Behaviour in 2022

Are we starting to see a shift in social behaviour? People are saying a big f you to social media and going unfiltered. After the past couple of years, it’s become apparent to all, especially Generation Z, that faking your life on social media just isn’t worth it. 

People are trusting micro-creators over fashion influencers, are dropping brands for unauthentic practices and really are posting whatever the hell they want.

In our latest thought leadership piece, we explore what it’s like to be truly unfiltered and the biggest shift in social behaviour in decades.

With contributions from industry experts and in depth research into the topic, we get into the nitty gritty of how brands, social media platforms on influencers are making the shift to a more ‘unfiltered’ approach.

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By Megan O’Brien
Content & Digital PR Manager

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