For a long time, marketers have found outdoor advertising to be a successful strategy. Yet, the advertising sector is one that is constantly changing and evolving because of technical breakthroughs and social shifts. Outdoor advertising has had to adapt and change with the business as a whole, just like all other media. Marketeers are using some fairly unusual types of outdoor advertising as they fight for the attention of the distracted public.

Although standard billboard advertising is still a useful tool for outdoor advertising, many companies have begun using more bizarre and creative strategies to get consumers attention and brands exposure.

One big benefit of Guerrilla marketing tactics’ is the low cost that attracts so many businesses to them. Instead of using money, Guerrilla marketing relies on inspiration and originality and creativity.

Marketers must be cunning, artistic, and fairly resourceful. In a way, they reuse outdated marketing strategies to better engage their present consumers in addition to using low-cost and unorthodox approaches to attract new clients to their business.

So what type of Guerrilla marketing can you do to leverage your company?

Let’s take a look.


  1. Ambush Marketing


Put simply, this is when a company capitalises on a competitor’s marketing initiatives to get the advantage in terms of exposure, by depriving them of the limelight, without having to pay the high fees associated with becoming an official sponsor or partner.

One loved example of mine is DHL vs their competitors.

When it comes to delivery, DHL is among the most well-known names. They are not just quick but also clever when it comes to ambush marketing. Instead of promoting this fact, DHL perpetrated a prank on their rivals by having their packaging state “DHL is faster.”


  1. Adapt and Incorporate the Environment

One unusual strategy that marketers have been employing is the concept of fusing the environment with their message or advertisement. An example of how skilfully and effortlessly this can be done in order to produce a strong alternative advertisement that is both innovative and eye-catching as well as iconic to the TV programme itself, is when Stranger Things took advantage of an existing billboard to create a bold alternative advertisement.

The opportunities for these types of ads are virtually endless and are only limited by the creativity of those creating them.

Stranger Things Guerrilla Marketing Out Of Home Option


These advertisements catch people’s attention because they are presented in settings where they are not usually seen. Due to their uniqueness and originality, they stand out in these locations. For instance, the below example is just a standard car park. The fact that many of these advertisements interact not just with their surroundings but also with the viewers is another factor in their effectiveness.

Coop Paints Guerrilla Marketing Example

  1. Experiential Marketing


Most types of Guerrilla marketing strategies make their way to social media. Especially when consumers are actively encouraged to interact with brands through experiential marketing, which uses direct customer engagement.

During the FIFA world cup, Coca-Cola installed a virtual reality experience right in front of a train station. The public could stand in front of the screen and see a well-known soccer star standing next to them. It allowed the public to practice a football technique with the player or engage in a little match of their own.

Coca-Cola Guerrilla Marketing Example

Although not many marketers have access to VR, this experience did have a few scalable techniques attached to it that we can learn from:

  • You could invite a subject-matter expert to speak at your event so they provide your attendees with a worthwhile experience.
  • Consider putting on a pop-up during big events that relates to that audience or the event itself.

So what?

This week’s so what simply comes down to the advantages that Guerrilla Marketing has on a brand! Here are some of the key takeaways and advantages you can utilise to help boost your brand:

  • Having a big budget isn’t necessary when launching products, as long as you have the right strategy.
  • The majority of people’s daily activities are now documented online because of social media and the “selfie” culture. Guerrilla marketing can take advantage of this development by creating captivating campaigns that fast attract millions of views and go viral.
  • The effectiveness of guerrilla marketing depends on ordinary circumstances. As a result, whether it’s a coffee chain, university campus, or hotel, if you frequently cooperate with local businesses, organisations, and charities to build a campaign, it will be easier for you to establish partnerships and market to your ideal customers target audience.
  • By utilising experiential marketing strategies for a more memorable encounter, a good guerrilla marketing campaign can evoke powerful emotions in consumers. To have the desired effect, some advertisements may even startle or frighten people—temporarily, of course.


By Riyanna Limbachia,
Trading Specialist

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