Our team of search experts have been attending one of the UK’s biggest search marketing conferences to determine where their industry is heading.


With day two we are talking to you about wider content, from social media to cookies. Here is everything we know from day two of Brighton SEO.


Your Social Media is Not Just A Branding Tool


Did you know your social media can have some SEO value? Well, not directly. Let us explain.


All your channels need to work in synergy and typically social media and SEO are treated as separate entities removed from other aspects of marketing. But, you need to be treating them as one rounded strategy

Tip 1: The best way to synergise your SEO and social media is through influencers.


Reported by Freya Jones who gave the talk on ‘How does social and influencer marketing affect SEO?’, social media platforms are search engines now. TikTok is used by 40% of Gen Zers as a search engine and YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world.


But how can we put this into strategy terms?


Influencers seem to be the perfect bridge, in particular thought leaders may be the key.


Thought leadership content, not only ranks well when repurposed into blogs due to its educational and informative nature, but the opportunities for digital PR are also massive.


Tip 2: Take a unified approach when it comes to your content strategy


Yumna Kumran, another Brighton SEO speaker also spoke on having a unified approach when it comes to content so its time to start looking at your media approach as well rounded and not just focusing on paid channels.


If your content is being ignored, you may not be surprised to know you’re doing a lot wrong with your strategy.


Eleni Cashell  who gave a fantastic talk on ‘why your social content is getting ghosted’ and these are some of our favourite reasons.


Tip 3: You need to make your content accessible.


First reason is that you’re not accessible enough. This is something we discussed in our Brighton SEO Day 1 summary blog so you should give that a read for the full breakdown.


We also found out that Instagram Stories are not accessible so anything you put on stories should be on feed as well.


Tip 4: Make sure you are talking to your audience not at them


Community management is essential. Make sure when it comes to replying to your audience that each response is unique.


Tip 5: Don’t post it if it doesn’t align with your company values

We see this all the time with brands for a small period making the flag rainbow for pride when they’ve never done anything to support the community in their life. We’ve most recently discussed this concept of greenwashing in one of our latest Instagram posts which another way to fake your company values. Your audience can see through it, we promise you.


Your SEO Results Will Be Fine Despite The Absence Of Cookies


We have some good news. You can rest easy knowing that when cookies go your SEO results won’t go.

Farhad Divecha who gave a talk on ‘How SEO changes as we say bye bye to cookies’ explained that we rest easy knowing that GA4, Google’s crawling abilities and Google Search Console won’t be affected.


Tip 6: Offer Micro-Conversion options to gather first party data


But for other paid channels, you need a new strategy and SEO’s can help.  Via your website, make sure you are offering over micro-conversion options to users such as webinars and email lists to gather as much first party data as possible. This data is going to be invaluable to the wider marketing team.


Tip 7: Utilise your CRM data


CRM is about to become even more essential to your strategy as tracking users becomes harder. Work on growing your email marketing list and learn how to understand this audience. Utilise what you know about them to your advantage, so you can adapt your strategy.


Integrate Your SEO and Paid


And that’s a wrap on our time at Brighton SEO. Next up is our very own search event: Search Connected, where  we will be discussing the power of search channels in your wider marketing mix, how paid and organic search can work together and the future of search. If you would like a save the date please email us at content@altair-media.com