Altair will help you define your SEO objectives and develop a strategy to enhance search visibility of your website and content.

We see SEO in three stages.

  1. Technical review

We will do a full technical review of your website architecture to asses whether search engines can crawl your site efficiently and quickly.

Altair’s technical review includes:

  • On-page ranking factors
  • Off-page ranking factors
  • Link profiles
  • Keyword searches
  1. On-site content review

As part of the technical audit, Altair will do a full review of your on-site content, i.e. is the content on your site optimised so that search engines understand the context of the site and its relevance? As part of this, Altair will provide training to in-house content teams to ensure all content is optimised at source. We will also provide a content calendar, to ensure that new optimised content is put onsite periodically and distributed through social channels.

  1. Off-site content review

Now that your site is optimised, the next step is to generate content and links from authoritative third party sites. Altair’s work will complement and support PR and social media teams to engage with relevant third party sites, bloggers and influencers to build valuable long term relationships.

In addition, Altair has developed a proprietary scoring system which enables us to rate content. We can quickly identify a successful piece of content allowing us to amplify it within minutes thereby ensuring your budget is spent efficiently for the best results.

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