Planning & Buying

Your customer lives in the real world as well as online, so we have no restrictions.

We work with our clients across organic search, paid search, display and social media as well as television, press and out of home advertising.

Our belief is that great planning is achieved through insightful audience data, a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace and a forward thinking team who can bring fresh and creative thinking to your brief.

We understand that accountability is important, so underpinning every campaign is a solid technical foundation that enables us to track, measure, optimise and adapt our tactics throughout your campaign.

At Altair, we are ferociously independent. We don’t bulk buy from media owners or operate rebate deals with them. We despise lazy, off the shelf, one size fits all plans and believe every client deserves amazing work.

2XU exists to multiply human performance. 

Altair exists to deliver amazing work for amazing brands.

Our role was to amplify their Heart Not Hype campaign in the US.

To inspire athletes of all levels to do that extra rep or run that extra mile. 

We had two days.


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