NOW: Pensions


As an auto enrolment pension provider, there was a short window of time to gain as much market share as possible before the auto-enrolment deadlines had passed.

NOW:Pensions found itself competing against the government backed NEST and other extremely aggressive competitors with large budgets.

We started working with NOW:Pensions two years prior to the final deadlines when many companies were still avoiding the topic or didn’t realise it related to them particularly those who just employed 1 person.


  • Employers with 1 – 150 employees.

What We Did

We carried out Full funnel media activity to raise the profile of those who were not yet thinking about auto enrolment through to using useful tools and guides for those actively researching the market and looking for support.

TV, Radio, digital display and paid social activity were used to raise the profile of NOW: Pensions and increase brand search volumes to enable a reduction in reliance on the heavily competitive and expensive in market search terms.

As the deadlines approached and government investment increased we switched to a pure acquisition model to maximise market share.


  • Increased conversion rates by between 67% and 400% in regions where TV activity ran during the TV investment.
  • There was a limited lag to the increase in conversion rate, demonstrating the extremely competitive nature of the market and the need for ongoing brand

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