Fedex is a global leader in logistics, with a network that stretches throughout the world providing reliable, time sensitive and competitively superior integrated express transportation services to more than 220 countries and territories.

Fedex operates in an extremely competitive and changing market place and were looking for support in helping them promote their position in the market as a company that has complete control and visibility of their logistics chain from start to finish and what the benefits of this are to businesses across the world.

Fedex also wanted to move the conversation away from being price led to being more about customer service and the quality of their delivery service.


  • Business owners and Senior business leaders across the UK.

Our Approach

We turned Focus onto Fedex to map out the keyword research around the key logistics terms to a granular level. Focus could then show us what topics people were searching for
and what the demand and intent for particular search terms was.

Using this knowledge gave Fedex a competitive advantage as they now had visibility of the complete sales funnel and allowed us to spot opportunities to engage with customers that were in market but were being missed during the purchase cycle.

We put together a custom content plan which was fuelled by these insights that Fedex could use to engage with this audience to help drive brand awareness and sales at every stage of the sales cycle.


  • Fedex now has a full understanding of which behaviours and topics are the most important at each stage of the sales funnel.
  • Fedex is now positioned as a thought leader around topics that are important to their potential clients.
  • Fedex has visibility on keywords competitors are heavily involved with.

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