Media Strategy

At Altair, our aim is to strengthen brand awareness, exploit market opportunities and ultimately enhance business performance by effectively targeting the end user.

We devise media strategies based on an in-depth understanding of your business environment. To do this, we create an ecosystem that your brand operates in based on research and analysis of your brand, your competitors’ performances and your target audiences’ behaviours, thus building personas that we can effectively communicate to. Once we have gathered all the data, we advise on the best media channels to deliver your strategy.

In this online era, a digital media strategy should be at the heart of any communications and marketing strategy. That is why we provide integrated media campaigns targeting digital as well as traditional print and broadcast platforms.

Intercontinental Hotels Group

With over 5,000 hotels in nearly 100 countries, IHG has a huge global audience to reach.

Programmatic media buying uses algorithms to target key customers.

However, done wrong and money is wasted on scattergun media buying and no tangible results.

We reviewed IHG’s programmatic advertising strategy across the US, UK and Asia.


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