We are always on the lookout for amazing people.  So, whether you have massive amounts of experience or are new to media, we recruit based on your approach and attitude, we can teach the media bit.

We are looking for people that can help us grow, add to our culture and make our clients even more amazing than they are now.

At Altair Media we don’t hold you back through hierarchy and red tape but empower you via the responsibility and autonomy that working in an independent agency provides. We work with global brands and strive to deliver amazing work through discipline and experience but within an agile, flexible and innovative independent agency culture.

What we are looking for from you:

Honesty – not afraid to say what you are thinking or share what you believe in – Altair Media embrace new ideas, challenging thinking and defying conventions.

Confidence – in your own and Altair Media’s ability to add genuine value to a client’s business.

Diligence – willing to go that extra mile to ensure every piece of work is done to the amazing standard we believe in.

Devotion – to your clients, your team and to their own growth and development.

Curiosity – a curious nature with a natural desire to keep up to date with insights and information that helps add value to Altair Media and our client’s business.

Attention to detail – apply diligence to every task, big or small. Go that extra mile to ensure every piece of work is amazing.

Contact us with your CV at: contact@altair-media.com