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Graduate Diaries

  Altair Media have just employed their first ever intake of eager, bright-eyed graduates and we thought it would be nice to get them to document their first few months with us, warts and all……..   Ross – Initial Thoughts on Altair Media    The level of interconnectivity between people. Everyone is always getting together […]

Facebook’s New Cookie

Facebook have made waves recently with the announcement that they’ll be rolling out first-party cookies from October 24th. This move will allow advertisers to track their data without the support of third-party cookies, and follows Apple’s decision last year to supplement Safari with ‘Intelligent Tracking Protection’. ITP, as it’s called, which will wait twenty-four hours […]

Dmexco day two

    It’s day two.   September 13th.   Germany.   Dmexco is still in full swing.   I feel a strange urge to buy a shiny suit to wear with brand new white trainers and to bin all of my socks. Not sure why, it could be all of the wheelie suitcases I was […]

Dmexco day one

    September 12th, day one at Dmexco.   This was going to be a “7 things I learnt today” piece.   Mainly to prove I went, but also to focus the mind in order to really pull out some interesting things from today that can be actioned later on.   So, to the question, […]

This week’s Blockchain news

    Next up in our Blockchain series, we have 5 must read articles on Blockchain from the last week or so. Our intro into Blockchain outlined the definitions and thoughts on how it has the potential to change markets. This week’s instalment starts to look into more specific use cases for Blockchain, so we […]

Blockchain an intro

  At Altair, we have been exploring the possibilities of Blockchain on business, not just marketing or digital media buying.  Over the next 6 weeks (to start with…) we will be highlighting some must-read resources for those interested in Blockchain technology and its influence on business and the world.   Here we highlight 6 resources, […]

Blockchain is not our saviour just yet…

  Let’s face it. We have a problem. Last year, a WPP report estimated that the amount of global advertising revenue wasted on fraudulent traffic, or clicks automatically generated by bots, could reach $16.4 billion. Blockchain is the new buzzword in Adland, but is it our saviour when it comes to programmatic? The problem with […]

Apple attacks Facebook – but why?

  Apple jams Facebook’s web-tracking tools – BBC, 4th June 2018   This is the main headline the BBC used when covering the main features of the iOS update from Apple and it really made us beg the question – why attack just Facebook? Reading further on into the article it also shows another feature […]

GDPR is here!

Is this the end for digital marketing or could this be the perfect stormThe ultimate goal of direct marketing is to deliver the ‘right ad to the right person at the right time’. So riddle us this: with all the data available to us – likes, dislikes, shopping habits, age, gender, address, inside leg measurement, […]

Why is no one outraged by Calvin Klein’s latest underwear ad?

 Is it us, or is the latest “Calvin Klein or Nothing At All” social media ad featuring Kirsten Dunst, launched earlier this year smack of inappropriate sexual behavior? https://www.facebook.com/CalvinKlein/videos/1898606370156442/The ad depicts the scantily clad actor (in black Calvin Klein undies) talking sheepishly about her first kiss when a guy landed a non-consensual kiss on her […]